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FLAT CHAT MOTORING Posted: Tue 17th Jun 2003 - 16:06

The hosts of Melbourne's longest running motoring radio show, Flat Chat Motoring, Jim 'LJ' Wright and Dean 'Deano' Irwin recently took part in a promotional display at Australia's most picturesque racing circuit, Phillip Island. The two former motorsport stars are regular driver advisors at the Phillip Island circuit. With assistance from the circuit officials, under the direction of Clerk of Course, Warren Reid, Deano and LJ took 3AW star Darren James and Stand Up Comedian and star of Channel 31's Darren and Brose, Brose Avard for some exciting laps around the daunting 4.5 Km circuit.

The cars for this day? One of Holden's finest, a 5.7 litre, 235 Kilowatt 6 speed manual Holden Monaro and with much assistance from Holden and Greg Stevenson at Monaro Performance Centre, the stunning Targa Tasmania Holden Monaro as driven by Steven Richards and Gerry Bashford in this years event. Power figures were not disclosed but at a conservative guess around 350 Kilowatts. Eibach suspension and enormous Harrop brakes made this easily the fastest car Dean Irwin has driven around Phillip Island since his Formula Holden days.

'LJ' explains the finer points of driving to Brose Avard and Darren James.

Flat Chat Motoring would like to thank Warren Reid, Greg Stevenson, Holden, Darren James and Brose Avard for an exciting and enjoyable day.

Tune into LJ and Deano on Flat Chat Motoring every Sunday at 10am on Melbourne's Stereo 974 FM.

From left, Jim 'LJ' Wright, Brose Avard,
Dean Irwin and Darren James.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

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